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KCG Publishing pens the voices of Black people.

Black people’s voices, stories of historical and shared experiences, images, and bodies have long been systematically co-opted and corrupted for the economic and psychological benefit of others, leaving Blacks in a perpetual state of socio-economic pathology.

KCP Publishing reclaims the Black voice, body, and soul through written and spoken words. KCG Publishing releases projects that are written or informed by Black people, about Black people’s experiences, concerns, and advancements. The projects resonate with all audiences because the weight of their truth and humanity is undeniable.

Genres: contemporary and historical stories, children and teen books, poetry, fiction, spiritual works, self-help, and advancement literature.

KCG Publishing is an imprint of Kuumba Creative Group, LLC.

Our Team

Tasha M. Yarborough

Tasha M. Yarborough established KCG Publishing because of her passion for writing and her strong desire to see the betterment of Black people. Tasha is a national and international best-selling author as well as a strong businesswoman, operating multiple business ventures. She is a CPA and has a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees in business administration (finance and accounting), as well as nonprofit executive board service.

Dr. Janell Jones

Dr. Janell Jones is a highly-acclaimed best-selling author, business coach, and speaker who has been featured on ABC, CBS, and in Sheen Magazine. Dr. Jones is a book coach who has helped her client’s become best-selling authors. Co- visionary of Against All Odds: From Teen Mom to Boss Lady, Dr. Jones created space to feature the harrowing stories of 10 women who overcame teenage pregnancy, docuseries is currently being filmed.

Tyra N. Reynolds

Tyra N. Reynolds represents the best and brightest of the millennial generation. She is firmly grounded in self and maintains a pulse on what young people are reading, how they are living and communicating, and the next big moves that they are planning to make. Tyra’s voice being present is a powerful force and a great source of knowledge and wisdom.





This debut work from Henna Quill is an instant classic. HINDSIGHT –Indelibles tattooed on my middle finger leaves a lasting impression. It is a beautifully raw and artistic examination of relationships and self-finding with a stimulating and satisfying mix of abstract, concrete, and narrative poetry that stays with you.

HINDSIGHT journeys through gaining the perspective that life is deeper than the shallow over-focus on relationships, which usually leads to entering into and staying in unhealthy entanglements.

The book is the antidote to the poison of love starvation, sparking growth, reconnection, and empowerment through the power of choice. If you are seeking inner strength to leave pain in your past, then look through HINDSIGHT’s eyes to shine light into your dark, painful spaces.